Self Storage for Branded Clothes

Running a boutique or a clothing store is always connected with the necessity to store stock of branded outfit. If you try to follow current fashion trends and the assortment of your clothes is constantly updating, you will face a problem of storing the previous collections as well as the new assortment. Of course, most clothing boutiques owners, who have a wide range of branded items, dream about having large showrooms. However it is hardly possible if you have a limited budget or your store is located in a big city, where rent price for a room is very high.

Is there any way out?

Nowadays many business owners actively use the service of self storage companies. Renting self storage units can help a lot in your business. This is an excellent choice for storing off-season clothes because this solution will help free up space in your store in the sales season. You can use the services of either self storage Toronto> or self storage North York depending on your store location.

Finding a convenient self storage units.

A self storage facility with convenient access is the decisive factor when storing the things of your boutique. You never know when you will need this or that item of clothes stored in your self storage unit. Since most self storage facilities work 24/7, you can get access to your things in the middle of the night and have the necessary clothes transported to your store, especially if you have a sale scheduled for the next day.

Choose self storage units with round-the-clock access and an individual key/pin-code. When choosing a self storage company an important criterion is also a high level of security. Make sure that the self-storage facility has smoke and fire detectors, surveillance and alarm system.

Although proper storage of clothes is simple and many people are already familiar with the basic rules of long-term storage of clothes, it never hurts to revise them:

First of all, never store clothing in plastic bags. Clothing is often transported from the manufacturer in plastic bags. It is important to get rid of these bags as quickly as possible, as they retain moisture inside, which can eventually lead to the appearance of mold on clothes. If you don’t do this timely, the clothes will turn yellow with time and a smell of mold will appear. Instead, it is better to store clothes wrapped in an unbleached muslin or acid-free tissue paper.

Secondly, never hang clothes on wooden or wire hangers. When using these clothes hangers, clothing changes its shape over time. Instead, use plastic or soft hangers to keep the clothes in good condition.

Keep all clothing away from light and heat. A closed self-storage unit prevents sunlight from getting inside, but you can also rent climate controlled self storage units, which provide ideal conditions for storing items of clothes. Climate control allows setting the level of constant temperature and humidity so that clothes will always remain cool and dry.

Using the service of self storage in Toronto or self storage North York is a convenient and affordable way to update your store's clothing assortment without cluttering your boutique with clothes from old collections

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