How to Store Paper Documents Properly?

Today, many companies prefer electronic document management systems to paper documents, however, some companies are still required by law to keep financial and personal documents in paper form for several years. For such businesses, it is important that personal data is stored in a safe place, where only authorized personnel can access this data since these documents contain personal information, that should not made public. Instead of cluttering the office, the company can rent self storage units in self storage Barrie to store the documents. Some self-storage companies even specialize in a storage of documents. Such self storage services combine convenience and security.

It is possible to store the documents in self storage units and have access to them round the clock. Nowadays, this is the safest way to store documents.

One of the most important points in storing documents, whether original documents or copies, is that only authorized personnel can access them. If you want only a certain circle of people to have access to the self storage unit, you will have to compile a list of them. Before choosing self-storage facilities, make sure that the self storage units are equipped with an electronic lock. You will have access to the files by entering a password, known to you and to people you trust. You should bear in mind that the mechanical lock is not enough for a complete guarantee of the safety of your documents.

You should never leave documents containing someone's personal information, unattended and publicly available, even if the self storage facilities have a good security system. There are some risks you should take care of while putting the documents in storage. First of all, the documents are sensitive to dust, water, and other contaminants. You should choose self storage companies which provide reliable climate control and make sure the self-storage units are dry and warm. This technology is in great demand, because it allows paper documents to be kept at a constant temperature and maintain the humidity level. The self storage company must guarantee constant storage temperature: in summer it does not exceed + 30 ° С, and in winter it is not lower than + 12 ° С.

It is also necessary to pack the documents properly before using self storage services. A standard cardboard box for storing documents has dimensions of 25x30x38 centimeters and can easily withstand up to 15 kg, even if you put these boxes on top of each other. It is recommended to install a metal rack storage as an alternative. This measure will help to make full use of the vertical space in the self storage unit.

Boxes and racks are always in stock in self storage facilities and they can be purchased on the day of signing a contract.

If you are concerned about the safety of your documents, you can try to store them in plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. Just make sure that the lids are tightly closed. For the same reason, you can consider storing documents in metal cabinets. They will be better protected from external influences.

Self storage services can be used on a regular basis, so as not to waste office space.

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