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Our company specializes in house construction in Canada erecting houses and cottages on a turnkey basis. We also carry out a complex set of works in order to legitimize each of our construction-related actions and protect you from unnecessary worries.

Our specialists will undertake all the difficulties associated with the design of a house and its erection. This is a complex process, which requires a great degree of responsibility at every stage on our part. The only thing that is required from you is to give us an idea of what your house should look like and from what materials you prefer it to be built. When discussing your new home's safety issues, do not forget to mention fire alarm systems installation options. Make sure your new home is a safe place for your family members.

What is included in the construction of a house on a turnkey basis?

So, there comes a time when all the preparatory work is over and we can starting building your house. The construction of a house begins with the most critical part of the process – laying a foundation. At this stage, everything will be dependent on the technologies and materials used. In general, a house construction goes as follows:

  • Laying a foundation;
  • Installation of walls and partitions;
  • Roofing;
  • Exterior decoration of a house;
  • Wiring of utilities; • Interior decoration of the house.

    We have been building houses for many years, and we have managed to minimize expenses so that each client could get quality finished housing without overpaying.

    All the houses we build are ready for occupancy with their design corresponding exactly to the wishes and preferences of our customers. The erection of houses is done by our best professionals who are able take on even the most difficult projects. Once the house is ready for you and your family to move in, arrange everything fast with our helpful moving checklist. Rest assured, you will take care of every single detail of this complicated process and make it stress-free and enjoyable.

    Residential and commercial garage doors made from quality steel or wood are the best-sellers in Canada. Reliable local garage door manufacturers offer overhead doors, garage door installation, and warranty maintenance. The right garage door contractor will regularly check and repair your garage doors if needed to prolong their performance.

    Buying a house construction project is indeed a smart investment. You should take reasonable decisions not only when buying a new house. Purchasing the right pair of shoes also needs serious approach. That's where Rieker shoes become your smart investment in your health and overall stylish look.

    Your replacement windows can pay you back when you decide to resale your house or apartment. The resale price of the property with full windows replacement can grow up to 20%. New homeowners value your investment on windows replacement and the lifetime warranty on the new replacement windows. Trust your windows replacement in Ottawa to only proven record contractors and enjoy your resale benefits!

    For the majority of Canadians buying home is the essential experience that can be once in their lifetime. Sure, they can need mortgages for first-time homebuyers to make the process easier and more cost-effective. There are a number of steps to do before buying a home. It's better to find them out in advance and get prepared for such an important purchase.

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